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Signing up to join us is so easy, that it might just be the smartest 30 seconds you've ever spent on your business! Our entry level plan is 100% free and can get you up and running practically overnight. We are now accepting pre-registration candidates. We will send you an invitation Email to join very soon!

What do I get?

Every level of membership recieves a startup launch kit that gives you everything you need to expand your business into Animal Med product sales. Ever package includes the following:

  • A quickstart guide to selling and promotion
  • An easy to understand introductory guide on Animal Medicines, including common types of drugs, their applications, and names.
  • An attractive sign for your store window or vehicle
  • A tabletop sign for your point of sale or register!

Who is it for?

Animal Med Network membership is perfect for any pet-related entrepreneur or pet store. Members of the Network include:

  • Pet Stores that want to expand their products and services without added overhead or inventory
  • Grooming Salons
  • Pet Boarding Services
  • Pet Training Services
  • Pet Sitting Services
  • Pet Walking Services
  • Even variety stores and Boutiques!

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