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How Does It Work?
  Choose from thousands of great prescription and over the counter pet health products quickly at the point of sale, take your customer prescription information, place the order and you’re done! AnimalMed Express's Pharmacy partner fills all your customer’s Pharmaceuticals safely and legally.Our suppliers ship the order direct to their door - no inventory, no packing boxes - we take care of it all! You make money today AND tomorrow! Our Pet Pointment system automatically reminds your customer when it’s time to order more meds! You continue to make money, expand your services and build customer loyalty

Pet Pointment is not only helping pet parents remember when its time to order new meds, but driving repeat business and long term value to entrepreneurs across the country.

Remembering a Pet’s med schedule is a challenge for any pet parent, so when customers come in to order their meds at your place of business, you can also offer them a simple and easy way to get reminders on their cell phone and email. You simply place the order, and we take care of the rest.

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